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Welcome to Neanderthal Records

Neanderthal Records is a new and exciting label centered around rock and heavy metal in North Yorkshire.

We are here to offer local bands the opportunity to be recorded and heard.

Formed in 2011 by local Ryedale sound engineer John Martin and musician Dan Pickering to serve the needs of local bands.

Recording Services.

At N.R. we believe in music, after all, we're muscians too.

As such, the focus on any band we record, whether it be on the label or a local band wanting a few tracks, is making your songs the best they can be. We are also flexible, if you feel you are more comfortable in your own practice space then we can bring our mobile studio to you and mix it back at our studio.

If you're on a mission to write an epic album but need guidence, we provide a comprehensive production service, with access to studios outside of our own should your needs be more specific.

Basically, we look after our clients, even if you're not on the label.


4 Track EP Production

£800 including 2 days Recording and 2 days mixing/ production.


£150 per track

Demo Recordings

£400, Based on 8 hours recording and 8 hours mixing.

All costings over the arranged times charged at £25 per hour.


We prefer to master demo tracks in house as this represents better value for our customers

For release CD's or requests we use third party mastering engineers who have worked with some of the countries top artists, this represent better quality but at a greater cost

For more information please contact us and we can find out the best possible solution for your needs

Neanderthal Records Label.

Neanderthal Records is a dedicated label for the North Yorkshire Area.

We are dedicated to providing the opportunity for local bands and artists to play and produce the music that they write.

We distribute music via itunes, Amazon, Spotify and more. Saving you the legwork. We have access to top recording and mastering studios and in Yorkshire so that your music can really shine.

We mainly specialize in Metal, Rock and Blues. Specializing in these areas allows us to get the best out of your band.

Current lineup

Neanderthal Records is currently talent spotting.

If your a band in the York or Ryedale area please contact us,
even if you don't get signed at first, we will add you to our list of artists for support of our acts, this helps both N.R. and the artists to develop a working relationship


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Live Events and Shows.

Neanderthal Records host shows at a verity of local venues, including The Duchess - York, Suddabeys - Malton, and even local pubs.

We are currently expanding our services to host live shows for local bands, including ones that we are not connected with yet.

If your interested in playing for us please let us know by contacting Dan and we'll put you on our books. Please remember to send us a link to your bands info-page

If your a venue or an event organiser who is looking for bands to play, please contact John and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Photography Copyright Kari Middlemiss 2011


Here at Neanderthal Records we have a wide variety of in-house and freelance artists and graphic designers so your exact needs for album art, poster art and promotional material are met.

Please come back later for example material.

Or contact us for more information

Artwork Examples

Examples coming soon.